The MC Client List.

Older Entries

Jul 21
Lebanese Dealers Corporation

The online promotion was key to the overall success of the campaign and the target audience expected the same high level of quality in their digital experience.

Jul 31
Joanna Miguel Jewelry

Our aim was to transfer the artist's expertise and aspiration to an independent retailer with ambition and a strong brand such as Joanna Miguel's.

Sep 3
Highland Properties

Managed the brand for this real estate firm. Design tasks have included the creation of logos, print materials, signage, stationery and facebook group.

Jul 29
Gebran Khalil Gebran

Media Conseil managed the website content of the museum through several redesigns and executed on marketing materials for both online and print.

Jun 18

The Media Conseil team designed the logo, color palette and typography standards along with a facebook business page which includes promotional information.

Apr 20

MC managed the brand for this concept store offering a wide range of embroidered home linen. Services include the creation of logos and facebook group.